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This is a popular group for energetic 4-6 year old girls and boys. The program is aimed at developing motor & coordination skills in relation to netball. This program is aimed at developing kids with fun in mind.

 This session lasts an hour and parents are encouraged to stay and supervise, as well as participate in the sessions as needed.


These training sessions last approximately one and a half hours. The sessions focus on core skills development like passing, catching and footwork leading to modified game play.

At this age, the focus is always on fun and overall enjoyment while developing core skills needed for netball.

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In this age group, players start to get more positional play techniques including learning specific attacking & defending skills.

There is a focus on ensuring that all players are exposed to different positions in netball, even if they may be assigned a specific position in school. These players will be developed and groomed and will be entered into competitive tournaments held around the country.


Players in this age group will be tested at intervals n fitness levels and a strong focus of improvement of core skills & techniques are to be expected. There is a strong sense of instilling leadership & lifelong values which may involve helping with the younger ones and/or leading their own age group by example. 

In addition, players be invited to trial and join the opens squads for trainings on Wed evenings with a view of participating in adult tournaments and/or leagues during the year.

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